Business Intelligence

Regardless of industry, most companies track and record thousands of transactions daily. Business Intelligence is a way to collect this data in one place and make sense of it with a simple report (or set of reports).

IBusiness Intelligence

Companies who can successfully extract pertinent data from their mountain of information are gaining unique perspectives of their business, enabling them to become leaner and more competitive. Aptean provides Business Intelligence solutions that help companies tame their data so they can use it to their competitive advantage.

For companies in any industry, their business management software contains volumes of information that can help them make better strategic and short-term decisions, but sometimes, that data can be challenging to get to and even more challenging to report on.

Business Intelligence software helps you collect, organise, and analyse data so you can turn it into actionable information, giving you greater insight into your organisation. This ultimately yields new opportunities and reveals issues with existing procedures and processes.

Powered by QlikView, the leader in analytics, Aptean Analytics helps you keep operations running smoothly allowing you to stay ahead of the competition:

Aptean Analytics

Who it’s for

Aptean Analytics delivers the perfect combination of specialisation, simplicity and actionable data for companies that want true visibility into their operations. Powered by industry-leader QlikView and delivered in a user-friendly format, Aptean Analytics will help you drive decisions with the right amount of data provided in the right way.

How it’s different

Aptean Analytics is powered by the industry-leading QlikView platform. With more than 30,000 customers across the globe, QlikView drives real decisions by providing actionable insight through a Business Discovery capability. Business Discovery enables users to dig further into data associations from any number of data sources. By combining this unique capability with a fully mobile-enabled and widget-based platform, QlikView puts the power of the platform in the hands of any user, anywhere.

Why you need it

Data is only good if you can use it. This sounds simple, but businesses understand the underlying truth in this message. The challenge is taking a seemingly infinite amount of data and making it usable in a short period of time. Powered by analytics leader QlikView, Aptean Analytics delivers ready-to-use graphical dashboards designed for your business that allow you to easily spot and resolve any business issues, from profitability to the sales pipeline. And perhaps most importantly, those dashboards are geared toward any organisation and any user, not just data analysts. They take away the complexity typically associated with traditional Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Aptean Analytics serves up data in straightforward charts, tables, dashboards, and other advanced visuals.

Coupling industry-leading analytics and business intelligence with time-tested enterprise solutions provides a powerful, specialised toolset that enables you to manage your business efficiently and gain insight into challenges and opportunities that may exist.