Aptean Respond Case Agent

Extend powerful customer service and complaint management capabilities to your front-line team.

IAptean Respond Case Agent

The front-line employees who are the face of your organisation to your customers have a major impact on how you are perceived, the experience customers have with you and ultimately, your profitability. They will get feedback from your customers, good and bad, making their interactions a valuable two-way communication. To ensure a consistent, positive customer experience, they need tools to help them address any customer interaction they come across.

Respond Case Agent gives your front-line team an intuitive, workflow-driven system that walks them through any form of customer feedback including complaints, suggestions, enquiries or even compliments to ensure consistency in their response. The system automatically escalates to management where necessary and captures customer feedback. From capturing and resolving complaints at the first point of contact to capturing a compliment, Respond Case Agent provides a step-by-step path to follow. And, because the solution is entirely process-driven, it eliminates the need for training.


  • Process-Driven Workflow
  • Dynamic Processes Change to Guide Agents Through Interactions
  • Built-in, Configurable Escalation Paths


  • Increase Resolution at First Point of Contact - With a built-in process guiding your front-line team through customer interactions, you maximise opportunities for resolution at the first point of contact - enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.
  • Eliminate the Need for Training - Once you have set out your desired customer interaction process, Respond Case Agent guides your agents through a defined process that eliminates the need for detailed training or deep understanding of the customer feedback process.
  • Systematically Gather First-Hand Customer Feedback - Respond Case Agent’s workflow-driven interface ensures that customer feedback is captured consistently in each and every interaction. Respond Case Agent enables organisations to implement different processes for handling different types of feedback while ensuring the right information is captured simply and accurately by the front line employee every time.